Feeling the heat from your ITSM vendor?

Beat the help desk heat now!

Uncertainty is the last thing you need from your ITSM vendor.

Just when you thought your ITSM initiative was about identifying and removing uncertainties in your IT environment, your ITSM software vendor decides to rock your boat. While mergers and acquisitions sound good for number crunching execs, product development efforts take a back seat, the service desk apps die a slow death, and the customer is often left in the lurch. Track(ing) IT vendors over time, we know this only too well!

We're here to help.

If you have been affected by some random acquisition or sell out by your ITSM software vendor and are worried that your help desk software will be tossed by the way side over time, we're here to help.

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we'll contact you. If you have an active ITSM tool subscription and are looking to switch, we'd be happy to give you an equivalent ServiceDesk Plus (on premises and on-cloud) or Desktop Central subscription FOR A YEAR AT ZERO COST.

At ManageEngine, we only join forces with our customers.

Here's why ManageEngine can be your perfect
partner to remove uncertainty in your IT.

An IT management leader, profitable since day one.

Bootstrapped and profitable from day one, ManageEngine's breadth of offerings in the IT management landscape-both on-premises and in the cloud-is unmatched by any of its peers. Over 120,000 companies use the two dozen IT management applications we offer to manage their IT service desks, desktop and mobile devices, networks, servers, applications, security, and more.

A robust ITSM vision, unparalleled by any vendor.

ManageEngine's ITSM vision is to provide IT service desks a 360 degree view and control of IT infrastructure. With ServiceDesk Plus, you get powerful native integrations that help you manage your Active Directory, networks, applications, and desktops right from your IT help desk console. The fact that over 100,000 IT service desks have trusted ServiceDesk Plus for over 10 years is a testament to ManageEngine's position of leadership in the ITSM space. Available both on-premises and in the cloud, the ITIL-ready service desk app has helped IT support teams worldwide excel in service delivery.

Seamless interplay, no mashups.

By building all of its IT management applications from the ground up and spending years listening to what IT teams want, ManageEngine understands the importance of the interplay between service management and other IT management functions. This is demonstrated in the seamless integration of ServiceDesk Plus with ManageEngine's client and end-point management application, Desktop Central. With ManageEngine, you don't have to put up with mashed-up companies and their cobbled together offerings.

Fully-functional free editions, not just free trials!

The age of free trials in the ITSM software world is long gone. Not only do you get a free 30 day, fully-supported trial when you evaluate ServiceDesk Plus, but you also get full-fledged IT service and asset management capabilities in the free editions offered.

Transparent pricing, buy online.

ManageEngine is perhaps the only vendor of this size and scale to offer transparent pricing for every product it offers. Not to mention customers can buy directly from our online store. No wonder we don't add up sales and marketing costs in our product subscription fees!

Cloud DNA, backed by 25 million users.

ManageEngine is a division of Zoho Corporation. Zoho Corporation makes an exciting mix of products ranging from SaaS applications you can run an entire business on to IT management tools and Internet of Things solutions. Zoho.com is a pioneer in making SaaS applications, and today has over 25 million users running their entire business on Zoho's suite of online productivity tools. ManageEngine leverages this understanding of the cloud by having an impressive array of IT management products available as SaaS apps.

Your next ITSM tool is on us!

We understand how unnerving uncertainties around the future of an ITSM tool in which you’ve invested a lot of time and efforts, can be. We really do.

Which is why, we'd like you to try ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, IT help desk software trusted by 100,000+ IT service desks worldwide for efficiency, certainty, and most importantly, stability.


Just fill out the form below and take the step towards ITSM certainty.

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